... i won't push anybody over the edge, but i'll try to show them the verge.


It’s important to be able to communicate a message. Spoken, written or in other formats. For the most, I communicate thru graphics and photography. Highly inspired by street art and graffiti culture; simple and edgy messaging – something that’s understandable and in some cases, right on the verge. But I'm not responsible for you taking the leap. Interpretation is the key here. I do my stuff and you can interpret it whatever way you like.



For some reason, most people interpret commercialism, like it is something bad.

I’m not trying to be different, but I’m not afraid of creating or using something that’s highly commercial in my work … even when it gets a bit vulgar from time to time.

Commercialism is a bit like porn. When asked in public, people seems to deny enjoying it from time to time. After all, it's about the perspective, and who the fuck is trying to make shit out of it..


I appreciate transparency, simplicity and forwardness. My works are not spoiled with lots of pointless decorative fill, I’m trying to keep it simple, clean – exactly enough to make the point. Create the message, yet still with plenty of room for you to make your own sense out of it. We all like nice things, nothing wrong with that, nothing at all. Why not expose grim and dreadful matters in eye pleasing compositions? I bet, even a shady weapon salesman somewhere in a third world country, gets some gorgeous product catalogues printet on nice muliticolorpaper.. Aesthetics matter..


I’m strongly inspired and fascinated by street-art. Street-art culture has so many layers, and I’m driven by the statement aspect of street art. Taking a risk to get the point out. Not in a fancy gallery, but just out there in your face, on the streets. Provoking, inspiring and offending. It’s a culture affecting us more than it gets credit for. Besides that, my legacy has always been important to me. Knowing and understanding who I am and then using the heritage as a red line… a line to balance on or hang from. I drain my surroundings, and always try to find the understanding for my fellow man. Knowledge of where their button is, is a very powerful tool as well. I don't have the need to push it, but enjoy that they know that i can.

  • Details

    i'm an enthusiast in general. I often get excited about certain aspects or topics and sometimes drain them till I get bored. From time to time I pick up "old-stuff" again and discover something new, get a new idea... other times, I let the sleeping dog lay.

    At the moment I’m fascinated about detail and texture, and my latest works were created in collaboration with ELSK. So far I've created a series of 6 limited edition posters.

  • Technique

    I use many different techniques and tools, but I don't have any favorites - and none are better than other. It really all depends on the project, and what i'm trying to do. Sometimes I take a picture, other times i photoshop something... or draw, paint... record a video or a noisy sound. I am in it for the ride and do not plan that much ahead – I get an idea and then try to get it out of my head.

    Just doing stuff and don't really worrying about my lack of skills, feels more right than holding back...

  • ME? I'm 30-something, trying to make living by doing what i find fun to do. Get the best out of it as long i can.

    I'm often asked what my problem is with the States? The answer is quite simple: - Not a thing, this relationship is like one of those we all had back in preschool, wwhen you had a crush on a girl... you knocked her over or pulled on her hair from time to time...

By the fifth century, Augustine of Hippo wrote in the "On Christian Doctrine" that, perpetual peace is indicated by the olive branch which the dove brought with it when it returned to the ark.   ...shittin' rainbows.

Colab with ELSK™ - Focus on the detail

Limited edition prints

All posters are printed on the highest quality paper, only 25 pieces of each will ever be made in this format (70cmX100cm).   Every poster is hand numbered, signed and sealed in a frame.

recent stuff

  • tough love

    Limited Print | Framed | QTY.: 25

    SIZE: 71cmx101cm

  • holyshit

    Limited Print | Framed | QTY.: 25

    SIZE: 71cmx101cm

  • kultur

    Limited Print | Framed | QTY.: 25

    SIZE: 71cmx101cm

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